Welcome - We are a mom's group in YOUR neighborhood!  The MOMS Club® is an international, non-profit organization with over 100,000 members in the US, and chapters in eight countries.

Here are some of the benefits our club offers:

*Weekly Playgroups*   *Outings*   *Events*   *Informative Guest Speakers*   *Babysitting Coop*   *Monthly Mom's Night Out* 

*Community Service Projects*   *Interest-based Subgroups*   *On-line Forums*   *Monthly Newsletter*   *Members-only Website*

*Local Information and Reviews on Preschools, Playgrounds, Businesses, Restaurants, Libraries, Farmer's Markets, and more*

If you're interested in the world around you, then this is the club for you.  Our monthly newsletter includes information on how we can all make changes to be more "green" and how we can teach our children the importance of recycling, reducing, and reusing.  As parents, we want to leave a world that's sustainable for our children; as consumers, we make choices every day that affect more than just our families.  Through education and awareness, we can help decrease the devasting impact we're having on our environment.

The MOMS Club recognizes that our lifestyle choices are important and fulfilling, yet acknowledges the financial sacrifice of living off of less income.  Our club brings us together and provides a forum in which we can help each other out.  It’s true, it takes a village.  Albeit, in our neighborhood, it’s a very urban and hip village.

If you want to make lasting friendships with other moms in your neighborhood, provide a social environment for your children, and are committed to developing a group that celebrates the diverse needs of our neighborhood, then we are the club for you!

To enroll, please read more under the "Membership Information" tab, then fill out the "Contact" form, or email us directly at

Thank you,
Christine Van Zandt, Hollywood Chapter Founder, March 2011

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